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What's Your Speed and Equipment?

What kind of internet access do you use most often?  

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  1. 1. What kind of internet access/speed do have or use to view UrbanPlanet?

    • Dial Up
    • DSL
    • Cable
    • Satellite
    • Wireless
    • Cell phone or Blackberry
    • Other
  2. 2. What kind of computer do you use?

    • Mac
    • PC
    • Linux
    • Other
  3. 3. Laptop or Desktop?

    • Laptop
    • Desktop
    • Other

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Dell Desktop I got cheap at PC Treasure Chest south side. Go there, you'd be helping poor kids and getting some nice hardware affordably. Wireless connection to PoP cable off of our community network, it's all good.

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Ooooooomg you had to bring up computers.


Current PC (Built By Myself and a Friend):


Design: Designed to be an audio powerhouse for DJing, whilst maintaining an attractive and sleek look to add style to an otherwise bland amateur DJ booth.

Case: XION Ultimate Engineering XON-02 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16811208004)

Keyboard: Logitech G-15 (http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=2166,CONTENTID=10717 -- lighting looks awesome in the dark)

Mousepad: USB-Powered Mousepad with sides which glow blue

Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 730B 1280x1024 Native, 8ms Refresh Rate

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 (2.4GHz)



Graphics: ATI Radeon 9600

Sound: (most expensive part of the core computer) Sound Blaster X-FI Platinum

RAM: 2 512MB Chips with heatsinks

Altogether I've dumped about $1300 into her, she started at $800 with just the Computer, the rest was added later with the second cd/dvd drive, speakers, monitor, keyboard.

When the Optimus hits the market later this year ($300 Keyboard -- http://www.artlebedev.org/portfolio/optimus/) It'll jump to $1500 (subtracting the cost of my current $100 keyboard) and I will upgrade the case to a silver design (still glowing blue) to compliment the keyboard. I'm planning to upgrade RAM by the end of the year, and my mouse as well. By the end of the year I'm expecting my PC to have at least a $1700 price tag on it.

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I used a Mac for about 3 months. Let's just say I'm very glad to be back on a PC.

Oh, poor GRDad....and I thought you were a smart guy. :D Maybe we shouldn't get the Mac/PC debate started here. I'll just throw in my vote.

Apple Powerbook G4 and iMac G5...depending on where I am. We also have a G4 iBook - yes, half my paycheck goes to Apple..... :blush:

DSL connection.

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At work - :D Well - being an ISP, we have many T3 (45Mbps) connections to the Internet backbone. Use a desktop PC w/ Win2k @ work.

At home - T1 (1.5Mbps), on either my laptop (WinXP), desktop (WinXP) or fileserver (FreeBSD).

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Used to have cable, but that monthly bill was just too high. Im on DSL now, and for the price, its a better value.

As for computers:

I use a Compaq Presario with XP Pro. I also have a Toshibia laptop with Win98 and a old tablet PC from about 1996 that runs Windows 95. The Mrs. has a Gateway that runs Ubuntu Linux. I also have a G3 Mac, I just dont have room to set it up. I may use it as a media server.

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