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Local Option Tax for Transit Funding


Should Idaho have a Local Option for Public Transit Funding?  

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  1. 1. Should Idaho have a Local Option for Public Transit Funding?

    • No - We pay enough taxes
    • Yes - Public Transit is very important to our economy
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Mass transit is sorely needed in this valley. Sadly, I doubt we will see any serious effort to fund mass transit for many years to come. The cities in this valley are too busy approving massive subdivisions to worry about mass transit. I guess they feel it is their job to approve projects and let the feds worry about transit. It seems there is a race to see who can gain the most population before the 2010 census. Some imagined bragging rights, I suppose.

Traffic all over the valley is becoming increasingly nightmarish. I live in Caldwell and just in the last five years traffic has at least doubled. Travel on the Nampa/Caldwell Blvd is nearing gridlock at times. Yet there is little mention of mass transit, let alone any road improvements. There are plans to add lanes to I-84 between Meridian and Caldwell as well as from Orchard to Gowen Rd in Boise, but ITD works at a snails pace, so it could be up to fifteen years before this is completed. <_<

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actually, you would be suprised about the conservatism in Boise, yes we are conservative, but we love and want to protect the enviroment, and i think mass transit should help protect the enviroment, so if propents could somehow tie the enviroment into the argument, then it could happen. However, the traffic continues to get worse and will continue to unless we fix it. It has been horrible so far.

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