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FedEx Ground Delivery


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I have a problem concerning an item that is supposed to be delivered to me by use of FedEx.

1) The package is originating from Buffalo, NY; the estimated delivery date is May 11, 2006. I had called the 1-800 number of FedEx and the rep I spoke to mentioned that the product should have arrived by now, unfortunately, it has not! He also exclaimed that the latest time FedEx route drivers deliver is no later than 5pm. I had called the 1-800 number around 5:30pm. Therefore, the rep had taken down my name and number along with the tracking number to investigate the issue with the product. The product information and everything was composed and left Buffalo, NY on May 8, 2006. Does it take more than 4 days for a product to reach Jacksonville, FL from Buffalo, NY?

2) Has something like this ever happened to anyone here in the forum regarding FedEx shipping? Normally when I purchase items online and have it shipped through one of the carriers, I normally go with UPS. I do not recall a time when I had a problem such as this with UPS unlike FedEx. If anything, I would assume UPS would have worser service compared to FedEx because I always considered FedEx to be the higher class carrier?

3) The rep I spoke to mentioned that the product could have been placed on the wrong truck or it might be lost. Anyways, the product I had ordered cost over $300.00. If they lose the item, what can I do about it? Can I get a full refund for the cost or perhaps if its damaged or maybe even missing parts?

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wow. first of all, i can honestly tell you that i worked for fed ex ground loading trucks last summer, and boy have i seen a number of packages that will never reach their destination. :blush: not trying to scare you or anything but i would give it until tuesday morning before i took any type of action. the only packages that really ever got lost were the ones that were extremely small enough to slide through a sewer grate, or filled with marbles or rocks that busted out of the packaging. what happens a lot is that the packaging of some items often get damaged under the weight of thousands of other packages on the trucks, and they have to be processed differently and repackaged by fed ex once unloaded in the hub. if it was placed on the wrong truck, then it will eventually find you when that truck stops at another hub and the workers load it on the right truck this time. if you paid the extra dollar some cents for the insurance confirmation when you had your package sent or any other proof then you are set in case you do have to take legal action. like i said though, give it until tues. it should have hopefully reached you by then. :D

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