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CIA goes Pittsburgh


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The new chief of the CIA is a Pittsburgh native, born and bred. As Gattsuto (longtime head coach of Duquesne football and 2nd in command at Pitt nowadays) said when forced to explain why Pittsburgh keeps taking over the world :shades: (as far as an average of 3.5 players in every one of the 40 superbowls and tons of HOF QBs, RBs and head coaches) "maybe it is something in the water afterall".

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The Post-Gazette (and myself) doesn't share your enthusiasm:


"Republican and Democratic objections to the appointment are valid; the post should be occupied, as it has through most of the CIA's history, by a civilian. At least the general's confirmation hearings will provide senators with an excellent opportunity to probe Mr. Bush's domestic and foreign wiretapping program in public, in as much depth as they like."

I don't want to get too political on this forum... which is primarily about urban issues in Pittsburgh... but this is just another in a long list of extremely questionable appointments by Mr. Bush. I don't care if this guy has ties to Pittsburgh, he is not an appropriate selection for the CIA.

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Evergrey, where do I begin lol . . . I have to give you props you say TONS while saying very little overall. Very admirable trait.

First what hits me with your post, the PG although my favorite Pittsburgh publication bar none is as liberal a paper as they come, in regional issues the Dems in my mind have the right answers for the region, but when the PG goes onto national issues I start to yawn. That might shock you that I disregard what the PG has to say on natissues, but consider this Flaherty and Carter who the PG was one of the very first organizations outside of Georgia to endorse Carter for what eventually would bring the 8 year reign of the GOP in the Whitehouse to an end, ended up endorsing by proxy Carter's choice for CIA, a military commander, a military commander who in 2005 criticized the Bush administration's choices to keep Tennet and appoint Goss, believing the CIA should be totally overhauled or disbanded. Although I am sure Adm. Turner wouldn't have great things to say about Mr. Pittsburgh, he did get his wish granted with another military man who is out to overhaul the agency. Seems a tad late for the PG to start changing its mind, and all too convenient.

Finally I wouldn't mind the politics of someone as long as they were from Pittsburgh and stayed true to their roots. As a Republican I was hoping that Kerry would win, having the western White House in Pittsburgh. National issues are important but I personally put Pittsburgh above my political leanings nationally. Not to say that the other way is wrong, but I wouldn't care if a Pittsburgh version of Bill Clinton got elected and put this town on the map (Presidential Library, Summit meetings, pull to put the convention here, "western White House", etc. etc.)

As a side note, the word polis--where "politics" comes from is a Greek term roughly meaning your social network or social world. I can appreciate us not getting "political" here, but to the founders of western civilization to be human was to be political each and every day ;). Normally we don't talk "National" political issues here, but given the nature of this thread you couldn't post without delving into the national.

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I have share the concerns that Evergray has. Sure there have directors with military backgrounds, but that is still a questionable proposition. My major concern is the politics behind him coming over, given his most recent work.

I hope that I am wrong, as it is nice to see a local kid go far ( though he already has gone pretty damn far) and we both spent time on the Bluff (many years a part :whistling: ).

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