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The Umstead Hotel


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Has anyone seen renderings of the Umstead Hotel at the SAS campus? It looks as if construction is steaming ahead but there has been very little info available.

I drive by it everyday and see they have 2 cranes and it is growing, but don't hear much. I have been meaning to take pictures through the trees but have not found the time. I think there were some older renderings somewhere....

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A quick Google search turned up a PDF at this address:


There is an artist's rendering on p.5.

Nice find. It does not matter too much what the hotel's facade will look like because it's buried within the SAS campus limits. Hard to see the construction as is from I-40. It really should have been built over by the Arboretum complex down the street, but that's the town of Cary for you.

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Is that the building you see just when u are getting off at the Harrison Ave exit from 40 east if u look str8 ahead once u reach the top of the ramp on SAS property?

Yup and I think its mostly frame so I wouldn't expect it to be impressive at this point.

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Landscape shifts with a new hotel

The Umstead, opening this month, makes rivals rethink their standards

CARY - An $80 million luxury hotel preparing to open in less than two weeks is shaking up the local hospitality industry like never before.

Competitors in Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh have raised room rates. Several rivals are spiffing up with multimillion-dollar renovations. And a battle for the lucrative meeting and wedding business is under way.

"This is something Raleigh hasn't seen before -- a five-star hotel -- and it's a big deal," said Robert Winston III, chief executive of the Raleigh-based Winston Hotels chain. "In 2005, there were only four five-star hotels in New York City."

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Sounds like a posh place and I hope it succeeds, but I agree with others that the exterior is uninspired, and the location is unfortunate. Call me old fashioned, but I'd prefer that things like the region's tallest building and nicest hotel be downtown. Still, what makes or breaks places like this are the services they provide, and this place seems as though it will offer something (ok, lots of somethings) that nobody else is doing around here. One has to admire Mrs. Goodnight for ambition and vision in that regard.

I'd be interested to hear from folks who have been there, eaten there, spa'd there, etc. once it's up and running for real.

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The Sheraton and Radisson in RTP are both a joke compared to the Umstead. Heck, the Cary Embassay Suites gives the RTP hotels a run for their money. I haven't been to the Hilton since they changed it from a Holiday Inn, but wasn't impressed then.

I hope the wind doesn't blow the sewage treatment plant's odors east toward Harrison Ave.

The Umstead, combined with the nearby Arboretum at Weston's pairing of An, a restaurant that opened last year with the former head chef at Prestonwood, and Ruth's Chris is one of the most upscale areas around a Sam's Club that I know of.

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