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Hammond's Ferry


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I wasn;t sure if this had a topic already, but news has been release on the start of construction of the half a billion dollar development along the banks of the Savannah River. It's really going to look spectacular once they finish it as well as other projects in North Augusta'a Master plan. They hope to build about 800 to 1,500 new residential homes, both attatched and detatched, and incorporate mixed use buildings as well as a commercial town center.

Hammond's Ferry website

North Augusta City Website

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Sooo excited to see this finally underway... The new website is great as well... Here's the link to the original thread on the development. Most of the information on the thread is encompassed on the new website...


I also love the first graphic shown on this pdf, showing how this will (hopefully) look from across the river at completion...


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This view, as depicted in these renderings, is somewhat misleading. This is not directly across from downtown Augusta and its riverfront.

That area between the two bridges has already been ruined by poor decision-making and developed into private use (as opposed to Hammond Ferry's public waterfront.) The "lovely" view from the Augusta Riverwalk's amphitheater, etc. is of the backside of a row of McMansions.

A string of last week discussed this (which see for photos of what actually IS across from downtown Augusta.) The opportunity to build Hammond's Ferry where it should have been was squandered royally--the forest still existed between the two bridges when this project was first announced as "North Augusta's New Riverfront." Naturally, I imagined the area directly across from downtown Augusta--its riverfront, and not somewhere upstream, which is where Hammond's Ferry ended up.

Just imagine the view from one of the benches on the Georgia side if this would've been the case. Magnificent! . . . c'est la vie.

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