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Visiting SF in a week


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OK! Here's the deal. Me and my friend are bored. We both have a couple of days free, and just decided to go to SF. We will be there Friday and Saturday of the week after next, flying in on Thursday, flying out on Sunday. A very spur of the moment thing. Just something to do. We need ideas for stuff to do. One of us has been there a few times, and one has never been, which happens to be me. I don't want to do anything touristy. AT ALL! I want to do classic SF stuff. I need ideas for stuff to do and see and stuff. I'm not going anywhere near the piers, Lombard St, or Coit and that kind of stuff. Just some ideas of places to go around would be helpfull.

Thanks in advance!

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If you get a chance, I recommend the Beach Chalet on HWY1, end of Golden Gate Park for a nice dining experience. Prices are reasonable, the food (and beer) is very good, nice atmosphere, excellent view of the Pacific Ocean. You might also consider exploring Land's End, including the ruins of the former Sutro Baths. Offers some nice views/photo ops, and it's fun. Not too touristy. I'd also recommend the de Young Museum if you can squeeze it in. Have fun in SF! I'm sure you'll like it. :thumbsup:

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