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Downtown Investment by out of towners


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I wanted to share this with everyone. I drive for a transportation company bringing in mostly airline crews and over the past couple of weeks have been being grilled by pilots and flight attendants about the developments going on downtown. I have talked to at least three that were planning on buying lofts or condos downtown for an investment. I know of two that met with Realtors while they were here. One pilot said this morning that he could feel the excitement and the energy downtown and was very impressed with all that was going on. Many of these same people said they would move here if they could because they love the area and the city.

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Maybe not the same thing, but close to it. I've noticed an increase in the number of people here in Atlanta who seem to want to know more about Nashvegas these days. I guess this is indicative of the buzz around the city. Not saying that these people are necessarily looking to buy up there. But the interest is there.

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