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millionaire's row


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I was watching applause on PBS tonight and saw that the western reserve historical society has an exhibit on the eulcid ave. millionaires row 1880-1930. I was wondering if any one has checked it out? I thought it might be interesting because i have driven up and down euclid ave. many times and find it amazing at how the ave. was considered the richest in the world! and today i barely even see a resemblance to it's former glory.

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I have actually been on the tour at the western reserve historical site. It was a interesting tour and packed with interesting information, but I guess that all depends on who you get as your tour guide. They show you basically a mansion called the Hay mansion which was one of the typical mansions on Euclid Avenue. From the details I remeber was that this was one of the largest concentration of millionares in the world and actually Millionare's Row was named the second most beautiful street in the world.

They also talked about how the hay's and people along Euclid Avenue actually helped out the poor and treated them with more respect than most people. They were involved in the community and gave them rooms to stay in for their workers that were a decent size and in a good living enviornment. Compared to most millionare's they treated their workers with respect. They also believe in their safety and installed fire alarms and sprinklers which were not very common especially for workers.

The house itself was amazing with lots of indepth woodwork and very spacious and open. There were windows everywhere and a huge garden in the middle of the house with fountains and everything. If you have the chance its a must see. Not sure if they are still doing this but I went during summer and the admission was free but I could't go to the upper floors because they were fixing something up but said they were going to reopen it to the public soon and that was about 7 months ago. The museum also holds the Crawford Automuesum its connected to the same building. The automuseum is one of the nation's largest privately owened collections. The museum actually is planning on moving to the lakefront by the science center and Rock Hall and expanding it. You can bet that once they have more details on that museum that I will post it on here.

So if you happen to have the chance visit this museum especially if your interested in the history of Cleveland. They also talk a good deal about John D. Rockefeller. I might actually visit it in the near future to see the rest of the house which was closed off. Hopefully after this new Euclid Corridor project is over and complete and all the new business which are sprouting on that street will one day reclaim some of the glory Euclid Avenue once had.

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cool! thanks for the reply. I looked on there website and it's going until september. I'll definetly check it out in the next couple of weeks. The euclid corridor project is interesting, because the leadership in cleveland seems to finally realize that the health of both downtown and university circle is the most important aspects of the city economically and connecting the two may help create a synergy between the two to stimulate growth between the two centers. Maybe someday that strecth will be prosperous once again. A side note I think Galluci's the italian food at the corner of E. 66th and Euclid is great! I am able to get authentic italian food which is not to far out of the way. The west side market takes about fifty minutes coming from the east side where galluci's is like twenty round trip. Although it's a little weird because the surrounding area is completly abandoned. But the store is always packed and hard to find a parking spot. But if there was ever an area in cleveland that was absolutely prime for redevelopment it would be along euclid ave.

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