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March Forum Meet March 4th


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We will meet at 10:00 a.m. for fun and frolic and then a nice leisurely stroll through the downtown core and surrounding urban areas.

We look forward to seeing everyone after such a large turnout last month. William and I are so appreciative of how our core of built environment geeks has grown. Please feel free to join us and bring whatever renderings and news clippings you may have gathered over the last month.

John the Doorman

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We will discuss at the March 4 meeting at Provence a meeting at the property of Nashville Bound's friend (I apologize, Todd, but I forget his name). That could be for the April meeting.

The Doorman and I have discussed the meeting situation and feel Bongo upstairs is too cramped. We need more space and a chance to stroll through downtown. Provence in the Main Library should work well.


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