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So I was exploring Spartanburg...


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Come on guys. That is obviously a homeless shelter.

Seriously though, I have no clue. Have you thought about contacting the authorities about it? If it werent for the oxygen containters I would not be concerned about it.

I think I may contact the authorities, or at least let someone know over at SMC so they can notify the authorities.

I wonder how long those train cars have been sitting there, or exactly when did this happen.

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it doesnt seem likely that (whichever train company) would have left the cars there, but those 02 tanks look set there and that's kinda suspisous... i wonder if it even has anything to do with a train wreck. did u not go tap on em to see if they were full or not?

Nah I didn't get close to them. But if you go with me, i'll let you tap them and i'll stand about 100 feet back :P

Seriously though, if you guys have some free time and are over that way near SMC, check it out.

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Talked with a friend of mine about this (we both went to SMC in the late '90s). He said that yes there was a derailment there, but due to the location of the cars, it's making it difficult to move anything out of there. That plus CSX owns the right of way on either side of the tracks, so it's pretty much up to them when they want to move the cars. That's one of the major lines that CSX has, and they do not want to close it down for the cleanup.

It's definitely an eyesore, though.


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