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I have no doubt that global warming is occurring. The scientific community seems to have reached a consensus that it's real, and that man-made increases in the level of co2 in the atmosphere is a major contributor. I'm not a scientist but it makes sense to me that the burning of coal and petroleum over a long period of time must have an effect. Will the nations of the world unite and attempt to stem the tide? No, you can't turn a big ship that fast and it will take major catastrophes world wide to bring about action.

As for the tech park, I think it's an ill-conceived idea that got off to a bad start with the initial site selections. I voted for the funding tax and feel I made a mistake in doing so. The $22 million raised by the tax isn't enough to do more than acquire the land, clear it and perhaps install infrastructure. Building a structure and equipping it is apparently dependent on private funding. The whole thing seems to have been conceived with the "If You Build It They Will Come" idea from Field of Dreams. I hope I'm wrong and the thing becomes a huge success, but I'm not holding my breath.

Your negative opinions about Arkansas technology show me that you haven't spent much time here lately. Next time you're here take a trip out to UALR and observe the work going on in electronics, nano-technology and engineering. Yes, we do have a surplus of people with anti-intellectural, anti-science views. But every state has a their Luddites even your new home in California.

I still like Arkansas a lot, and I tell people that over here on the left coast. So let me just make that clear (since I set off some crazy above).

If they were to move the tech park downtown, I think it could really attract creatives. The area near the library is legit.

You're right that I'm not too aware of the local nanotech scene, but I have a very close pulse on the Arkansas startup scene (I read about it every day), including a friend working at what is certainly in the top 5 startups in NWA that is technology related. I would tell you what it was, but I don't want to reveal too much. He was fortunate to find really great coders with Arkansas ties (but who had already left the state), but a major issue is a lack of depth of in-state talent. A very very large portion of Arkansas' top talent leaves the state, and he hasn't met anyone who he considers comparable to the coders he has.

You're right. Every place has luddites. Some more than others.

And just to re-emphasize: Arkansas is making great progress in tech. But it still has quite a way to go.

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It would be interesting to know what your opinions are on global warming, with another record breaking heat year, ever-dropping crop yields, and a planet that is fundamentally different than it was even 10 years ago.

(Shockingly, I realize that 10 years ago isn't that long ago, since I joined this forum 7+ years ago.)

Same opinion as ever. It's hot for period and it's cold for periods. I see nothing conclusive that this is caused by man...merely a lot of speculation. Climate change, obviously, if fact, but why anyone would expect anything different is beyond comprehension. I'd prefer that we spend our money trying to find ways to live with new realities rather than trying to change the inevitable.

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