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Downtown Tarboro Pictures

Mr. N

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I had found an interesting website that shows photos of different downtowns, my hometown of Tarboro, NC is included. Tarboro has a large downtown area for a town its size, with a large 6 stories steel glass building that was built around the 1950's or 1960's. The website is consultwebs.com go to the word photo on that website on the top part of the website. The website has a chose of different cities or towns to choose from.

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The population of Tarboro is around 11,000 but serves an area of over 50,000 because of surrounding areas. Tarboro is home to the county's only hospital, the only enclosed shopping mall, Edgecombe Community College (main campus), basically it is the main town in the area (besides Rocky Mount). Tarboro is also the location of the county courthouse.

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^in the post right above his you said "nice photos of Southern Pines", so he was just saying the pics weren't from Southern Pines...

Tarboro is the county seat of Edgecombe county. Southern Pines that is not LOL.

He was referring to Southern Pines is not the county seat of Edgecombe County. Saying that S.P. is not a county seat and Tarboro is dosent really matter to me nor do i really care.

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