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Sounds pass on 2nd reading!


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Exhausting television. By a vote of 21-12 the current bill for the Sounds passed Metro Council. I don't have the energy to describe the meeting, but the paper should prove interesting in the morning.

Not quite over yet, but there certainly seemed to be a somewhat silent majority embracing this project. On the other hand, the naysayers were very, very vocal...and somewhat embarrassing on occasion. I understand the questions they had, but had to cheer when the councilman asked they WHY they hadn't addressed them till now.

One more time and we've got downtown baseball!

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I am completely disconcerted with the Metro Council. It looks like the chances are not good of the Sounds getting the ballpark done by next April. After watching last night a delay seems imminent. They just barely voted down deferring the bill by one vote and even had a vote to indefinitely defer it. It looked like there were several council members voting for it only b/c it was second reading.

I can't figure out where all of these questions are coming from--you would think that last night was the first some of those people had looked at the proposal after watching the meeting. I mean what have these people been doing? There are still several people saying things like 'I think we can still find a better use for that land." And I thought that study the city paid for to find the best use for the land actually meant something. Think again.

I agree about Councilman Briley--he just asked two questions that he knew the answer to last night just to prove a point and then stated like he was surprised at the answers--well then I cannot vote for this proposal. It sounded like he was putting on a show for a very specific audience last night.

Good luck and God Bless poor Glen Yeager--his hair is probably getting grayer.

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I think the East Bank is destined for much bigger things. I'd certainly like to see the entire area where P&S is located turn into a major urban neighborhood, sans ballpark. Logically, the timing isn't right to even consider the baseball park there. MLB puts very tight restrictions on their farm club facilities. We had to move on this and had to move now.

This isn't a huge stadium, and I believe it will fit nicely into the overall plan for SoBro and RMH. I remember when Thermal opened. I remember when it was torn down. But, before that I have no idea what was on that property or who used it. Other than heating and cooling downtown buildings for 30 years, it seems we've done nothing with the property of consequence during any of our lifetimes. With the development plans as they are, I like what's about to happen. And more importantly SOMETHING is going to happen. Best use? Maybe, maybe not, but a positive impact will be made. I also like the fact that the land is being geared to those of us who actually live here, not just the visitors in a hotel or convention center. If the Cumberland redevelopment task force does its job, the synergy between the site and the river greenways will blend to please us all. That, at least, is my hope.

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I agree. The stadium will more finish off the development, making it a very unique neighborhood. RHM is huge, and the stadium won't take up the whole space. Just its own little corner. So I'd have to disagree with you when you say that all people will do is walk across the river, and never go into downtown. More, not all, but at least more people will go to downtown with this here. Besides, maybe people will walk around, see that it's a nice place to live, and think about moving downtown. This could open up a whole lot of possibilities.

On a side note, congratulations Dave on being the first Nashvillian to pass 1000 posts (I believe)!

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Welcome to the boards Commadore06!

I agree that the East Bank would make a great site for a the Sounds Park as an alternative to the Thermal site, I raised this question too, and I think the issue right now is getting the suitable parcel of land to build the stadium on in the near term (which I think I recall how it was explained to me), as the team is pressuring the city to build now if they want to keep the team in the city.

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How about all three..... :rofl:

:rofl: That cracks me up. Seriously though, congrats Dave on reaching your milestone. I've really enjoyed reading most of those 1000 posts, and really do hope you make it to 2000. I'm sure you'll make me laugh hundreds of times and bring back many nostalgic memories along the way!

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Couple of weeks, I think the first week of February...or close to it.

Hold on. "All three"? "Cracks me up."

Gee. lol

Thanks for the info, Dave. That's going to be one very important hearing, IMO.

Sorry about the "All three"? "Cracks me up." comment. Nahhhhh. LOL!

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I found this posting on Bidclerk.com and thought it was interesting. It decribes the project as a 12,500 seat stadium and 600 residential units and 35,000 Sq Ft of retail. IMO, this amounts to a larger project than the $43 Million that was last mentioned.

Bid Clerk Webpage

Here's the article:

New Construction






Posted 01/20/2006

Design Private

Nashville, TN

Project Address: Available to subscribers only.

Est. Start Date: Second Quarter


Site work and new construction of a mixed-use community in Nashville. Schematic plans are calling for a 12,500-seat minor-league baseball stadium surrounded by 600 one-, two- and three-bedroom condominiums and townhomes, with 35,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, and entertainment space.

This project will move forward pending final city approval. Interested parties should direct inquiries to the project manager.

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