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Howell, Michigan


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Yesterday I visited Howell for the first time. It has a nice downtown, I was expecting a smaller one. The city of Howell has 9,232 people and Howell Township has 5,679 people.



Historical marker near the building in the 2 pictures above:
















One of the most beautiful churches I have seen:



These next 2 pictures are of a war memorial, they have a list of names of people that have died from every war, there are several from the Iraq War.





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I used to live in Howell! The downtown is really nice, and the last time I was there it looked like they had done a good job building downtown; there was a new bank and some new rowhouses or townhouses just off "Main Street" that were really well done in the sense that they compliment and enhance the existing urban fabric. Great pics ZachariahDaMan! ;)

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Nice town, but as GRdadof3 said, the whole county in which it sits is being ate up by sprawl. To put things in pesepctive, Howell is either the first or second most populous city/village (not including townships) in all of Livingston County which is fastly approaching 200,000 persons in population. From what I've heard, the city is being chocked by sprawl, traffic-wise. Fortunately, Howell is a progressive little city and has been able to maintain it's downtown.

What I really hope most is that the surrounding area continues to change for the better, because not even 15 years ago my dad was literally chased out of town during the balloon festival with some friends, and people here know what I mean if they know who I am.

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Just a little factoid about the last picture (library)...that is a Carnegie Library

Also, Howell is a very nice community in the traditional village/city, and as many said, the townships that surround it are destroying themselves through irresponsible sprawl.

I am happy to report though, that the Howell area has built a New Urbanist community just north of the city. I know, this is debatable on whether it is a good or bad thing. In terms of sprawl, it is a good thing, but the city needs to be careful that it doesn't threaten it's hometown business and retail vibrance downtown.

If you're in the area in the future, the development is called Howell Town Commons and is right off of M-59 directly north of downtown.

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I just thought I would tell you guys that starting tomorrow and until next Sunday at the Howell Opera House at 123 W. Grand River they are having an exhibit of racist memorabilia. They are getting objects from the Jim Crow Museum at Ferris State University. I am planning on going with my girlfriend if I find the time between studying for exams, taking them and work. If I do then I will take some pictures. If you Michiganders don't remember, Howell was where last January people were protesting the selling of racist items at an auction house. In an article in the Ann Arbor News a lady talks about how she has heard people saying racist things in Howell. The president of the Livingston 2001 Diversity Council said this about the exhibit: "This exhibit shows hatred and examples of a time when blacks were treated like a lower class. There are pictures and sketches, and items of hatred. We don't recommend bringing children to see it who arer younger then middle-school age."

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Today my girlfriend and I went to downtown Howell to go to a shop. I thought I'd do a little picture taking while I was there.

Below is the Livingston County Courthouse, I posted 2 pictures of it before but I just can't get enough of this beautiful building!





It said Ann Arbor Railroad on the front of this building:


Houses near downtown:






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