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Panthers top 20 in basketball!


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Pitt Basketball is turning a lot of heads this season after a five year run in the top 20, and placed in every poll throughout last season, it was expected that the implosion in the NCAA tourney and the loss of a handful of key seniors to be replaced by three starting freshmen would silence the Oakland zoo. Glad to see that Dixon and co. have stepped up to the plate big time this year. This bodes well for Pittsburgh staying in the national conscious througout the spring when the Steelers are over and the Pirates have yet to begin play!



Also isn't it something that even after the NFL closes up Pittsburgh can root for three ranked teams (Schottenheimer, Marvin Lewis, Nick Saban, Jim Haslett and arguably Jon Gruden are all Pittsburghers made good) #22 Wake Forrest with hometown boy Skip Prosser and #4 Memphis with Pittsburgher John Calapari in addition to the Pitt Panthers

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Looks like they are knocking on the door of top 10 now,

#11 ESPN/USAToday

#12 AP

besides this being great for the local fanbase, it is giving Pittsburgh some great (and FREE!) media coverage in a sport that we really don't have a national rep for yet. Fantastic!

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