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NCB's Trip Through Louisiana Part II


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Pictures in this thread were taken between Baton Rouge, and just north of Alexandria on highway 71 and on I-49.


Again, many of these are poor quality as the image stabilizer has problems when moving in a vehicle. The best quality pictures were taken around NW Louisiana, which will be part III. :D

The first city is Bunkie,LA, population 4000.




Sugar Cane...lots and lots of sugar cane.


This is what most of Central Louisiana looks like. Open fields used for crops and farming, with small rivers and bayous popping up every so often. While if you go 20 miles southeast, your back in swamps.


The very small town of Cheneyville,LA


Downtown area of Cheneyville


Next up, the town of Lecompte,LA, the self proclaimed "Pie Capital of the World" :D

Lea's(pronounced "Lee's) Lunchroom. The best pie's and ham sandwiches on the planet! :thumbsup:

Lea's is visited frequently by Emeril Lagasse, and I try to stop there everytime I'm heading up to Arkansas.


Lecompte is a town of less than 800 people, and the two largest retailers are Dollar General's. Watch out Wal-Mart, Dollar General is catching up in global domination! ;)


Downtown Lecompte


We are now on I-49 headed towards Alexandria


When all of the threads from all of the states are completed, you will be easily be able to see how the land around the interstate's look different.


Coming into Alexandria. You can see the skyline popping up over the overpass. This was the only shot of the skyline I was able to get, due to the 18-wheelers. :(


Next up...NW Louisiana!


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Thanks for the compliments guys!

I'm looking forward to your pictures of Natchitoches. It's a pretty town which has managed to keep much of its character.

Well, I was originally going to get off of I-49 and head into Natchitoches, but the exit ramp was blocked off due to what looked like a four car accident, and I deceided not to turn around and head back southbound. Though i will definately head into Natchitoches(as I usually do) on my next trip up.

Does Lecompte have two Dollar General's?

Yep. They were the only two stores open in town.

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