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Buffalo Projects & Developments


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This is as good a time as any to steal this list from SSP

Buffalo projects



Development Units Type

Bellasario Apartments 29 Apartments

City Centre 41 Condominium

Elk Terminal Lofts I & II 52 Loft Apartments

Ellicott Lofts 38 Loft Apartments

Holling Press Lofts 82 Apartments

Market Arcade Lofts 10 Apartments

Sidway Building 67 Apartments

Spaulding Building 19 Apartments

The Netherland 6 Apartments

University Club (Bellasara) 14 Apartments

Watkins Apartments 6 Apartments

Total: 478

Under Construction

651-3 Main Street (Pierce) 4 Apartments

844-852 Main Street 29 Apartments

Buehl Bldg. Reno. 6 Apt. or Condo

Ellicott Commons (IS lofts) 58 Apartments

Oak School Lofts 29 Loft Apts.

Total: 126


112 Genesee Street 2 Apartments

456 Main Street (Bakers) 12 Apartments

504 Washington 6 Condos

537 Main St. (Grever's) na Apartments

Arctic Freezers na unknown

Artspace - 1219 Main 50 Lofts

Ben-Lin Warehouse 30-40 Condo

Elk Terminal Lofts III 12 Lofts

Hager Mills Lofts (141 Elm) 32 Apartments

Lofts at Elk Terminal 48 Lofts

North St. Y Senior Apts. 65 Sr. Apts.

Saturn Rings Building 20-25 Loft Apartments

Schmidt Lot Condos 36 Condo

Seneca Paper Lofts- 30 Apts.

Vernor Site 100-125 Condo

Waterfront Village 71 Condos/TH

Waterfront Village 50 Apts.

Total: 590-630


Project Developer Sq. Ft. Status

67 W. Chippewa Offices- Sherk/Macaluso 5,000 DONE

Niagara Center- Acquest 290,000 DONE

100 Seneca St.- Paladino 76,000 PL

222 Genesee St.- WNY MRI 33,000 PL

285 Delaware Avenue- Uniland 110,000 proposed

361 Delaware (Pleu)- Paladino 30,900 UC

599 Delaware- Scheider 25,000 PL

487 Main Street- Carmina/Wood 14,400 DONE

505 Pearl- Croce 15,000 PL

737 Main Street- Avalon 15,000 UC

844-64 Main Street- First Amherst 4,600 UC

City Centre Annex- CityView 23,000 DONE

Court Street Tower- Paladino 290,000 proposed

Elk Terminal- First Amherst 25,000 UC

Ellicott Commons- Burke 32,000 DONE

Federal Res. Bldg- Ciminelli 100,000 PL

HealthNow HQs- Duke 452,000 PL

Knights of Columbus Reno.- Jerge 54,000 DONE

Larkin Building- CityView 600,000 DONE

Michigan/S. Division Bldg.- Paladino 45,000 PL

Niagara Mohawk Bldg.- Iskalo 148,000 RENO

Trico Renovation- Ciminelli 585,000 PL

Elm/Oak North Block- Uniland 84,093 proposed

Waterfront Village Office Bldg.- DiNapoli 150,000 proposed

Total 3,195,993


Project Status

AM&A's- Burke Purchase Study

Asbury Church- Righteous Babe UC

Augsburger Expansion Done

Auto Museum- Greasing Station UC

Auto Museum- Wright Gas Station UC

Bass Pro Shop (old Aud) PL

Bioinformatics Center UC

Bus Terminal Renovation PL

Children's Museum- 173 Elm Street PL

City Centre Ramp Expansion PL

Corn Exchange--- Ramada Plaza Hotel PL

Donovan Bldg- Transit Hub PL

ECC Dorm Study

ECC Hockey Rink Study

ECC Ramp/Transit Center PL

Erie Canal Harbor Parking Ramp PL

Federal Courthouse PL

Franklin, 204- Boutique Hotel? PL

Franklin, 294- Warehaus Club Done

Franklin, 333 Rehab/Restaurant Done

Genesee, 112 Reno/Apts. PL

Genesee, 85-91- Apts. PL

Genesee, 99-101- Rest/Apts UC

Hauptmann Research Center Done

High Street, 23 Reno. PL

Inner Harbor Excavation UC

Larkin Building Parking Ramp (762) UC

Main Street Retraffic PL

Main Street, 743-47 Reno. PL

Main Street, 888 Reno (restaurant) PL

Niagara Center Ramp UC

Oliver's Waterfront Restaurant PL

Pearl Street, 470 Mixed-Use PL

Public Safety Building Done

Shanghai Reds Done

West Huron Hotel Reno. PL

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Buffalo's economy has struggled for many years. It is a highly misunderstood place. Many people think it is near NYC. Though it is actually more than 500 miles form NYC much of its economic stagnation can be traced to NY's domination of state policy. Recent years have seen a strong resurgence in downtown entertainment and housing. There is a long way to go to bring it back to its former glory but interesting none the less.

I know many will look on with much skepticism but Buffalo is a very fine jewel in the rough. great neighborhoods, great architecture, great natural assets nearby. Here is for hoping it can sustain some real future growth.

Recently completed

(within last 1 years):

Ellicott Lofts

Lofts at Elk Terminal

Sidway Building Loft Apartments

Bellisario Lofts

Larkin at Exchange Office Renovation (10 story - 600,000 sq.ft.)

Shanghai Red's Waterfront Restaurant

Under Construction:

Acquest Niagara Center 8-story office bldg.

Public Safety Center at ECC - 5-story office bldg.

Bioinformatics Center - 6 story research center

Other medical corridor construction/rehab (don't know all details)

Buehl Block Lofts - Burchfield Bldg.

Holling Press Apartments/Lofts

Ellicott Village Phase II

1912 Electric Bldg. Renovation - Class A office space

Hager Mill Lofts - Elm St.

Main Street - 6 story office bldg. rehab.


Federal Courthouse (11 story)

Bass Pro Project

Erie Canal Inner Harbor Project (partially under construction)

8-10 story office bldg. for Blue Cross headquarters (several sites being considered)

11 story office bldg. on Court Street

Genessee Village Housing Project

Oak Street Alternative School Apartment Conversion

Outer Harbor Redevelopment - mixed use office/ residential/ recreational

Erie Basin Marina mid-rise condo development

700 block Main St. condo development (Sidway Bldg. developers)

here is one of the more interesting new projects

This is Ani Defranco and her Righteous Babe Records conversion of the former Asbury Delaware church into their new offices/recording studio/performance space. The building will also house the Hallwalls Gallery. Hallwalls is a nationally recognized organization which has played a major part inthe early careers of several major artists.





and another

This will be the mother load of all development in Buffalo if it ever happens. This is one of three development proposals presented to the NFTA for Buffalo's underutilized outer harbor. The land has been described as the largest piece of undeveloped urban waterfront in the country. Some say it has huge potential.

The scheme shown below may be pie in the sky. It includes a 1000 room hotel and hundreds of high density condos, a convention center and much more. The other two schemes seemed a bit more realistic and restrained. I do not see the Buffalo market handeling this much new construction with its current economy. However there is an unbuilt (and currently authorized Indian casino which if added to this mix could start to make a huge hotel possible. The remaining schemes will be available for viewing on the NFTA web site Monday.


and these nearing completion

Here are some images of some buildings currently under construction in DT Buff. There was another building but it was architecturally hideous so I could not bring myself to photograph it. sorry for the gloomyness of the pics...it was getting dark.








and this new river crossing

This is one of the schemes being considered for the new Peace Bridge crossing to Canada.

The existing Peace Bridge at only 3 lanes wide is the second busiest boarder crossing after the Detroit Ambasador bridge. It is severely undersized. The Peace Bridge Authority originally proposed a more mundane copy of the existing bridge as a companion span. But activism in the community forced them to look to building what has been called a signature span. final design work is set to begin in 2005.


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