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A Lexington Aerial


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It's more long than it is wide. The development patterns follow Main Street and Vine Street through the small shallow valley that the central city sits in. The historic neighborhoods that literally surround the CBD also play into the pattern. On one side of the street is a 23 story building while on the other is an early 1900's era single family home. You almost have to see it to believe it.

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^ Lexington is really underrated and many consider its skyline sub-par. But I, for one, believe that this pic really shows that its skyline is in fact quite large for a city its size. The fact that the downtown sets in a "bowl" doesn't help the casual observer.

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^ I used to work in Kincaid Tower and I remember quite well, walking out the back entrance of the tower and looking at the houses across High Street. With the exception of the church and a couple of state office buildings, that whole street is nothing but houses and small dwellings. Down by Rose Street is some brownstone apartments though.

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