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Columbus grows big time with AFLAC expansion


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Columbus's own insurance giant, AFLAC, is expanding in Columbus bringing 2,000 new white collar jobs to the city! This will be a huge impact on Columbus's growth. Along with the 30,000 new residents with Fort Bennings expansion, Columbus will continue to be the leader in growth among GA's second tier cities. AFLAC announced today the beginning of an expansion project that will produce 340,000 square feet of new office space at its Paul S. Amos Campus at Corporate Ridge. The expansion will be part of the company's effort to double the size of the $24 billion company in the next five to six years.

AFLAC Information:

Aflac's insurance products provide protection to more than 40 million people worldwide. Aflac has been included in both in Fortune magazine's listing of America's Most Admired Companies and Forbes magazine's Platinum 400 List of America's Best Big Companies for five consecutive years. In January 2005, Aflac was included in Fortune magazine's list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For in America for the seventh consecutive year. Aflac was also included in Fortune magazine's list of the Top 50 Employers for Minorities in August 2005, and in September 2005, Aflac Japan was named the Life Insurance Company of the Year at the Asia Insurance Industry Awards, sponsored by the Asia Insurance Review.

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Thats great news!! Is the Paul S. Amos Campus anywhere close to Downtow n? I wonder if the new digs will be in one or multiple buildings....Lets hope one verticle building. 340,000 sq. feet could mean a 20-25 floor tower!!!

AFLAC's main campus is located in midtown which is east of downtown. The main campus has 2 towers (20 floors and 8 floors). This new building is going in at Corporate Ridge in east Columbus. AFLAC already has a large building out there. This building will probably only be a few floors. I really wish they would have put it downtown near TSYS, Carmike Cinemas, Synovus, etc. The current tower is old and hopefully they will build a new tower eventually because all of the growth the company is experiencing. I am sure down the road a new AFLAC tower will hit Columbus's skyline. Here is some information from the Columbus Chamber of Commerce:

Permanent Employment

Direct Jobs 2,000

Indirect Jobs 1,861

Total 3,861

2005 Current Payroll $100,000,000

Population Increase 4,040

Family Units 2,040

School Enrollment 1,220

New Retail Establishments 140

Additional Retail Sales $44,053,411

Property Taxes $1,640,000

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I wish they had located it downtown also. It would be good for downtown. I guess it was too expensive.

What about adding the second tower? It was originally going to be twin towers.

The original plans had two towers instead of one or are you talking about building a second tower? I think eventually AFLAC will need the space and will want to build a new highrise. I don't think their is enough room at the campus HQ in midtown. There is some space downtown next to TSYS along the riverwalk that would be an excellent place for a new highrise (hopefully AFLAC :) )

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Phase one of Aflac expansion complete

Three-part project to create 2,000 jobs over next five to six years

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

The first phase of Aflac's $100 million expansion project, expected to create 2,000 new jobs over six years, will be marked today in ceremonies.

The initial 95,000-square-foot office complex -- Phase I of the Paul S. Amos campus at Corporate Ridge Industrial Park -- is now finished and already housing 300 employees.

"We look forward to the continued growth opportunities this building project will bring to Aflac," Aflac President Paul Amos II said in a statement. "In addition to having a new state-of-the-art facility that will help streamline our operations, this project will support economic development throughout the city of Columbus with the creation of new jobs."

Those estimated 2,000 new jobs will be created over the next five to six years.

The project -- the largest current business expansion in the state -- is to be completed in three phases.

Today's celebration honors the first phase's completion. Commercial contractor Batson-Cook began construction on the site in April 2006.

The expanded building, which, in addition to the original building, can hold about 2,500 employees, now houses the claims department. Other departments will soon be transferred to this site, including the call center, policy services, new business and more.

Tim Jensen, partner at Hecht Burdeshaw Architects Inc. who handled the Aflac project, said the space's interior design deviates from Aflac's other campuses, including its Wynnton Road tower.

"It is different in that there are very functional spaces in the cubicle environment, coupled with the meeting spaces," Jensen said.

The building features a multi-purpose room which can be configured to accommodate about 500 people, two training rooms and several conference rooms.

With warm tones and modern furnishings, Jensen said the aim was to create "interest and excitement" among employees.

The next phases

Alfred Blackmar, Aflac vice president of facilities and support, said departments were chosen to move based on their anticipated future growth and business needs.

The Phase II building, for example, will be devoted completely to Aflac's information/technology department.

Currently, IT staffers work out of the Computer Service Center on Aflac's Wynnton Road campus.

About 600 employees work out of that location, but when the Phase II building is completed, it will house 800 people.

Batson-Cook will also be responsible for construction of that 165,000-square-foot building. Construction will begin in August and is set to be completed in early 2009.

No date has been set for construction of Phase III, a 100,000-square-foot facility which will serve as home to about 700 employees, mostly in the customer service area.

Aflac first opened its Paul S. Amos campus at Corporate Ridge in May 2001 to accommodate Aflac's sales growth. The 104-acre property originally housed the claim processing and call center.

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A new rendering of one of the buildings at Aflac's campus in East Columbus


1) Phase II of Aflac's expansion of the Paul S. Amos campus

2) Expected completion: June 2009

3) Size: 165,000 square feet

4) Cost: Part of a $100 million multi-phase expansion

5) Contractor: Batson-Cook Co.

6) Location: Corporate Ridge Industrial Park

7) Purpose: Building will house Aflac's information and technology department.

8) Work force growth: 800 employees will work in the new building, 200 more than the IT department currently has.

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Is this a new structure or the one that's been under construction for a few months. I was out there about a month ago and there building a structure out there now thats three stories The cranes were still adding when I was there last so i don't know if it's gonna be higher, but they were also clearing land next to that one.

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