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Main and Rose Lofts


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This project will be on the corner of Main and Rose Street in downtown Lexington. It is scheduled to be completed in 2007. The property is currently a parking lot, so this would be a wonderful addition to downtown. I think it will be about 7 stories and prices will begin around 140,000.00. I think it will have a gym and a grocery as well. There are more details at EOPA.com.


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I think it wouldn't take much to improve downtown Lexington. The area has great potential--plenty of parking lots and empty squares of dirt/dilapidated buildings. (The latter, in which students are forced to live, are too numerous.)

Now, we need some demand and investment.

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I was disappointed when they scaled the project back since it now won't be as 'prominent', but its still a beautiful structure nevertheless, and one that will be a great anchor for the eastern segment of the downtown. With "500's on the Main" on the west end, the Gratz development (I can NEVER remember the name) on the north end, and the condos on MLK near UK's campus, we need to find more to fill in between them all :)

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