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Saint Louis Riverfront Plans


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The link below goes to the .pdf presentation on plans for the St. Louis riverfront. There are 4 proposed plans. On involves a promenade, one serated edge docking, and two have man made islands in the river.

They say the idea is to celebrate the river and access to it, but unlike dammed up "lake" style riverfronts, St. Louis (and KC) have to deal with real working rivers with wildly varying river height levels, and fast moving water. I'm not sure if these plans deal with the unique large fast river issues, but I agree that St. Louis and KC need to do something to highlight access to these mighty rivers. Many cities would kill to have a non-man made water feature downtown. Ours are unique and we just need to find a different way to experience them, that do not involve duck boats and marina's downtown. People want to go down to this famous river and touch it and feel a part of it.

Here is the link to the report on the St. Louis Riverfront:

St. Louis Riverfront Plans

Here is the link to the Great Rivers Greenway District home page:

Great Rivers Greenway District Home Page -- Building the River Ring

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