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More from Providence, RI


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Hi everyone,

I've been posting a number of shots of Providence in the city's photo forum here at UP, so I thought I'd share a bit and cross-post some here. Many of these are "detail" shots, since I think I've exhausted "panorama" shots of the city from almost every imaginable angle...


Black and white facade of the Providence Public Library:


Central facade of the same building:


Facade of Providence's Trinity Rep Theater:


A look down Providence's historic, and increasingly residential and hip, Westminster Street:


A black and white Westminster facade detailing:


The wonderful Conrad building on Westminster Street:


The nice signage of the new Hotel Providence boutique hotel on Westminster Street:


The fantastic historic facades of Eddy Street, off of Westminster:


Another side street off of Westminster, with the subtle (invisible?) sign of Westminster's Design Within Reach branch visible:


A black and white looking out towards the central business district from The Arcade, America's oldest indoor shopping area (built in the early 1800's):


A detail shot of the facades of the central business district:


One of two historic facades (the other is my avatar) that are part of the Providence Performing Arts Center complex:


For something totally different, here is the interesting "zig-zag" side windows of the otherwise fairly ugly, lamentable concrete Ambulatory Patient Care outpatient center at Rhode Island Hospital:


I'm trying to play with light and shadow a little bit now, and here is some of that work looking at the classical New England architecture of the Rhode Island School of Design, in downtown Providence:


More shadowing, this time of the Turk's Head Building, in the central business district:


Yet more shadowing, this time on Washington Street in downtown Providence:


And finally, Washington Street again as the sun sets, highlighting the South facades of the street and throwing the road itself into shadow:


Other photos of Providence (and other areas) can be seen at my website below!

- Garris

Providence, RI

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You caught a pic of my favourite lunch spot at The Arcade.

I was waiting for someone to go sit there (it would have made the photo more dramatic), but I think the sight of a guy with a camera in the corner spooked people out :). That's one of my favorite spots too. From there, Providence feels very "big city," and The Arcade is just an amazing place all by itself...

- Garris

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There's little better for photography than fog! Last night's fog here in Providence was a great backdrop for photos. Thankfully, I already took a slew of photos during a previous foggy night in April (half of which I still haven't yet gone through and posted...), which allowed me to be more focused.

Here again are some cross-posted shots from the Providence UP photo section.

I'll post a few now, and the rest later. Enjoy!

Here is the GTech world HQ under construction in the Capitol District. The building in the background in the Providence Place Mall. With the malls active streetfront retail and restaurants, the GTech building planned to have a ring of street level retail and restaurants at its base, and two condo towers going up off the photo to the right on the other side of Waterplace park (with its own street level retail), this is going to be a great urban neighborhood in 2-3 years!


You know, this was my first time really wandering around Providence's Union Station development, which is located behind where I took the above photo. They did a pretty sweet job on that creating a mixture of great architecture, lots of restaurant/pub space, hotel space, pedestrian friendly (and dramatic) access, and garage parking.

The Union Station Brewery, with the Marriott Courtyard in the background (and the light of the GTech construction behind that):


And turning around and looking the other way towards the Biltmore Hotel, Providence City Hall, and Burnside Park/Kennedy Plaza transit center...


Speaking of the Biltmore Hotel:


And with the lights, it looks like there is a fire in the foggy sky in the central business district!


More later!

- Garris

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Here's the rest of the fog series from this past Saturday!

The Turk's Head building, lit up at night by fog:


Turning around, the central business district lights up the foggy night sky under the Turk's Head watch:


The Capital Grill steakhouse restaurant, part of the Union Station complex:


Two of downtown's hotels, The Marriott Courtyard (foreground) and the Westin (background tower), both cloaked by fog. The Westin will be getting a similarly styled, taller twin condo/hotel tower right next to it (they just broke ground):


Three ducks in a row, looking foreground to background... The Marriott Courtyard, GTech HQ under construction, and the Providence Place Mall...


Long prosper Providence!


That's all from this past weekend's fog photos!

- Garris

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