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Be Sure to Vote Next Week!


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Heh heh, I think it's obvious who will be mayor :P

As for city council, many of them already seem to be done deals (so to speak), but I have seen a few ones that will be interesting to watch. An especially interesting thing to see will be how well the socialist candidates fare (I have heard rumors of some running). :P

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^ Right, I believe my councilperson is running uncontested. But council district 3 will be a huge race - between Ivory Young & Michael Bond.
Yes, but 9 out of 15 City Council seats are contested.

A whole bunch of School Board seats are up, too -- with a $500+ million budget, over 50,000 students and 11,000 employees, these are also pretty important races. I personally think that having a superior school system is critical to the City's long-term viability.

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