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Okay, fellow coffee drinkers...

it's just dave

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A alien visitor to our "planet" one day put us, Nashville, on notice that "they" had lots and lots of Northeasterners in their midst. The tone was one of those, "we do, you don't, but I don't know what I'm talking about, but you have to believe me anyway" types of tones.

So, in the interest of fairness, I decided to look at the people in my immediate surroundings at work. Although there are 300 people in the building, I just looked at my department. Let's see, there are 12 of us, and this is how it turned out:



Des Moines

Akron, OH

"Cool Springs"...ha, you might remember an earlier comment on this one. lol

Cleveland, TN (there ya go)


Dayton, OH

Centerville, TN

Greenbriar, TN


Des Moines

So, for a little pocket of people in LaVergne, I'd say that's pretty diverse. How 'bout you guys, where are your people from?

And right next door, of the four people there:

Syracuse, NY

Albany, NY


San Juan

Gee, they talk funny over the cube wall.

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Well, let's see--college faculty:

New Orleans (me and the wife)


Des Moines

various small towns in IA and MN

When we moved up here, and said how nice it was, the locals thought we were crazy. They were right. :blink: Just kidding, sorta. lol

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This is an interesting thread. I had an office job until a few months ago and our department consisted of the following:

Lyon, MS (near Clarksdale)

Mt. Pleasant, MS (community in Marshall Co. SE of Memphis)

Memphis (specifically Oakhaven area)

Memphis (specifically Whitehaven area)



Columbus, OH


Los Angeles (via Delta State Univ)...suffering from culture shock but adapting nicely

New York City (via Houston)



San Francisco

Elizabeth, NJ

Unfortunately, most of the out-of-towners griped about Memphis even though they were financially better off in this job than in their previous jobs. Most had taken up residence in the suburbs and did not really explore all Memphis had to offer.

New job (airline pilot) leads me to cross paths with people from all over the country. Most are commuters and spend little time here to enjoy the city...just the nature of the business.

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