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Condo/Hotel Project may come to Bay Street


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Interesting. I've always wondered why they hadn't moved in the building, since all the work invested in it, prior to the super bowl.

Btw, on my way to Amsterdam Sky Cafe, last night, I parked right next to the Doro Fixture's warehouse building next door. I think its a great location for nice Chocolate Factory if a local company is still interested in being a part of the downtown scene.

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Hey Lakelander - Doro Fixture Company is my family's business. I'm not in the family business, but that is their building. I think if the right offer was made, they'd probably sell, but that isn't for me to decide. Wanna start a petition?

In all seriousness, I'd miss having the great reserved parking space for the UF/UGAly game and the Jags games when I come in town though... maybe they shouldn't sell the building afterall... :->

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