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Not too many that I'm aware of... certainly not as many and not at the same rate as Grand Rapids.

I know they canceled plans to add lofts to the new Class A Office Building going up at the corner of South Street and Rose

I think a couple of the building rennovations going on include lofts in the upper floor, especially along east Michigan Ave.

One site specifically that I'm amazed no one has grabbed up is the parking lot across from the Radisson on the southeast corner of Michigan and Rose Street.

That site seems like a no-brainer to me for development... extremely high profile. I would love to see a nice 3-4 story building going up with offices and/or lofts on the upper floors and some retail and/or some kind of grocer on the bottom... a Whole Foods Market would be amazing - a Godsend!!!

To preserve the famous "Kalamazoo Building" sign on the building adjacent, I don't think they should or would want to build anything over 3-4 stories there.

I think market could easily handle the ground floor retail as well. As I said, the site would get high visibility and they would get a lot of foot traffic from the Raddison across the street.

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I can remember the fire that took that block out. Seems like the early 1960's. There was a book store and a music store that I can remember buying 45rpm records at. All the buildings were late 1800's construction three or four stories high and really went up in the flames.

I can't believe that the lot has sat empty now for over 40 years. I don't forsee anything big going up there in the near future. Downtown Kalamazoo has come a long way in the last ten years, but we still don't have the jobs for downtown workers needed to support something big.

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