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Grand Rapids Chinatown


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A developer is looking to build a $11.2 million mixed use retail/townhome project at the site of Plaza International Flea Market on South Division near 28th. It will also include Hispanic influences due to the growing population of Asians and Hispanics in that area of Kentwood/Wyoming. Division all the way from 28th to 44th looks like it is becoming Grand Rapids "Asia-Town":


Any really good restaurants along Division that you have been to?

Hey, I just noticed in the article that Steve Fry is the architect (Lyon/Ottawa Tower Steven Fry?)

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I wonder if A Dong Market will be part of the new development...

^ :lol:

Wei Wei Palace is supposed to be good, Division/44th. If you ever need chinese grocery items, check out the hong kong market in the same mall-thing as Wei Wei Palace. It smells awful in there :sick: but I am told that, with regard to asian food, if it smells like sh** then its a good place :blink: I also recommend Golden 28 on 28th btw 131 and Clyde Pk.

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Actually some of those restaurants in that area have great food. They are better than the run of the mill 'chinese' restaurants that are all over the place. I have even heard rumors in the past that some have 'real' menus for those that really enjoy authentic cuisine - just have to know how to ask.

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On the east side of Division, right across from Subway north of 36th, check out Rosie's Cuisine and Pho Bo, a pretty unassuming building. EXCELLENT filipino eggrolls and other great stuff. My mom took me in there and I am absolutely hooked. The filipino eggrolls are to die for!!!


Is there an actual filipino restaurant over there? I know there's a pretty good Indian restaurant over there.

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