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New Flint Block Club looking for advice

Dave Starr

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The Milbourne Avenue Block Club has been in existance for 5 months. About 2/3 of the homes on the block (between Dayton & Hamilton) are rentals. We had a neigborhood cleanup in June, and everyone participated. Since then, almost none of the people in the rental homes come to our meetings. Is this a common occurance, or it it unique to us? We're looking for a way to convince these folks that they're part of the neighborhood too, and that their participation and input is as important as that of homeowners.

If anyone has any tips, or can point me to any resources, it would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum!

It may sound silly, but I think a simple block party with food and something for the kids to do could at least bring some people out to hear what the club is about. They may or may not go to the meetings later, but you could at least get a chance to exhange ideas and opinions.

At the very least, everyone will get to know their neighbors a little better and be more open with each other.

I'm not sure how easily it could be done on Milbourne, and the weather isn't right for this anymore, but it could be an idea for next summer.

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