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Tallahassee's Time Square


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Tallahassee Hospitality Square

AKA: Clock Building

Built 1989

Price: $2.8 Million

It wasn't too long ago that this building was built in the heart of Downtown Tallahassee, completed in 1989 to the surprise of many who often think this is one of our historic buildings. The Tallahassee/Leon County Historic Preservation council thought so when they proclaimed this building the winner of a prized Historic preservation award in 1990 for its compatibility with the historic downtown environment.

Since that time this building has been home to many professional organizations such as the Tallahassee Convention and Visitors Bureau, the Florida Attractions Association, the Florida Restaurant Association, and the Florida Lodging Association, which recently changed its name from Florida Hotel and Motel association.

A 2004 Tallahassee Market Study for the first quarter of 2004 reported a total of 500 sq. ft. were available in this 27,000 sq. feet. structure. Space has leased for $24.00 per square foot in this full service facility. There is a parking lot below the building, at plaza level with the Downtown post office, just across the street from the IMAX Theatre and Tallahassee Center Condominiums now under construction.

The new owners of the facility have plans to turn this Old Florida Style building, into the Tallahassee Hospitality Center, which could possibility mean more hotel beds in the downtown area, a conversion that could be just in time for next year's legislative session. Details to be announced soon, look for an article in the Tallahassee Democrat tomorrow.

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I've taken good looks at this property and I don't really see where they can extend this building upward. From reading the article, it seems like they will make interior modifications such as a common area or lobby for the offices, and possibly a few pieces of brass polish. I'd like to see a nice restaurant here, like a Lawrys Steakhouse or another Marie Livingstons.

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I still can't see how this project can make much of a difference in the downtown community, unless it converts into a hotel, and has a ground floor restaurant. That would free the current businesses there up for a move into the New Monroe Tower thats going to be constructed where Hair on Earth, and AFL-CIO currently sit (oh did I say too much).

I feel like a hotel would bring some much needed activity to that corner, and justify all of this publicity. I still say Favors Plaza (a spin off of Kleman Plaza which was named after our former City Manager) should sit just behind this building, in place of the current Post Office.

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