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Reprised: IC Goes Up the Westin Peachtree!


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EDIT: For those wishing to see my latest Westin photos, please go to this post

--ironchapman :)


Yesterday, I finally got to do something I have wanted to do for a long time, go up to the Westin Peachtree's observation deck. I took several pictures up there, so enjoy! :)

The Westin Peachtree from the Outside


Looking Down from the Elevator of the Westin Peachtree


The Crown of 191 Peachtree from the SunDial


Looking North


The Georgia Dome


(L-R) Centennial Tower, CNN Center, and the Georgia Dome


(L-R) The Equitable Building and Two Peachtree


(L-R) The Georgia Capitol, the Fulton County Courthouse. and the Atlanta City Hall


Looking South


191 Peachtree


Atlanta Hyatt Regency


SunTrust Plaza


Centennial Olympic Park


The Centennial Olympic Park Fountain


Well, what do you guys think? :)

I have a few more that I took around Atlanta, look for them in the Atlanta photo of the day thread.

EDIT: Here are my latest Westin photos.

--ironchapman :)

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Wonderful, wonderful and more wonderful.

These pictures are beautiful Ironchapman. Oddly enough 191 Peachtree is one of my favorites as well. She is so beautiful and stately to me. Centennial Park was very nice as well. You really captured some great pictures Ironchapman. Even though it was a hazy summer day, you were still able to capture the sheer beauty of the city.

In your "Looking North" photo, if you look right at the bottom your picture you can see the beginnings of Allen Plaza. I think the building up already is the 14 story future home of Southern Company. To the left of that is where the 34 story 50 Allen Plaza and 24 story 45 Allen Plaza will rise. Across from the Peachtree Summit building is where Novare's Twelve Centennial Park towers will go. In a few years that view will be so different.

Thank you so very much for your hard work.

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If all goes well, I will post some pictures of downtown and Midtown from the street level next week (using the Varsity as a starting point).

I'm trying to see if I can make this a long tterm project to capture the best of Atlanta in pictures. I'll probably be at it for about a year. I already have 22 different places in mind to takes pictures of.

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extremely awesome pics. did you get to eat at Sundial?


Sadly, no.

Although paying the $5 I did to get up there was a much more preferable alternative to paying $64 (my Mom went up with me...these pics are all my own, though) for a meal there.

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Well, this Sunday, my familyand I went up the Westin Peachtree yet again for a nice brunch after church. Here's some of the pics I took along the way:

Inside the SunDial:



A Chandelier:


"The Atlanta Mosaic"


The Crown of the SunTrust Plaza:


Bank of America Plaza:


The Candler Building:


Looking North Along the Downtown Connector:


The Equitable Building:


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I would really like to see the Connector be turned into a whole highway underground! If any of you have seen that movie IRobot where he's driving on that new age highway, that's my vision for Atlanta.



@ That shot that people seem to like so much, (the one in Martinman's post, for those who don't know) I saw that in a window up there and just had to get a pic of it. Glad to see people lik eit so much :D !

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Some very cool shots IC!

Imagine if just one part of this was made into a tunnell. It could be turned into a substantial sized park.


Is it me or does the Downtown Connector not feel as twisty as it looks in this photo? Maybe it does and I just don't notice when I'm driving. Also, the 17th St bridge would have looked great as a suspension bridge.

BTW Ironchapman, you take great pictures! :thumbsup:

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^It means that I have over 2500 posts. You start off getting blue boxes as you certain pass "levels" of posts (10 posts, 100 posts, etc.). The fifth one comes at 1000 posts. After that, you begin to get red stars, staring at 2500 posts, the next "level" of posts after 1000.

If my observations of other forumers are correct, i'll get a second star at 4000 posts.

Metro, Neo, Spartan, or someone who's been here longer could tell you more.

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