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Proposed Orange County Light Rail

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I hope this gets built...especially with all the traffic. Southern California can't depend on cars forever. The biggest obstacle right now is the NIMBYs in Costa Mesa :angry:. Apparently the residents want the line to go into a tunnel in that area. Hopefully this can be connected with Los Angeles' rail system in the future.

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I have to agree 100%. Sprawl has taken over almost the entire county. When I flew into John Wayne Airport the last time, the sprawl was sickening. House after house...all with red tile roofs, green lawns, and huge swimming pools. Only a few large pieces of land are left...and while many would like to see them preserved, with the California housing crunch, I doubt they'll remain empty for long :(. I believe there are less than 100 acres of orange groves left in Orange County. At one time something like 40% of Orange County's land was used to grow oranges. It's sad to see that so much of California's scenery has been ruined by the out of control sprawl. It is, however, good to hear that they are trying to do something about the auto dependency there.

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