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River North


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River North is a revitazilation project being proposed by the head of 3D/I Architects for 56-acres along the San Antonio River north of McCullough Ave. The proposal calls for creating a special tax use district for the area.

Warehouses, old garages and former car dealerships dominate the area now.

Andujar's concept calls for predominantly high-end residential development on or near the river. There would be about 4,000 units of rentals and condominiums with retail shops and offices along Broadway.

The city plans to eventually extend the River Walk north to Brackenridge Park. But unless the streets neighboring that section of the river are modernized, Andujar argued Wednesday, development will come slowly.

A formal proposal will be made in September, both the City Coucil and the Commissioners Court would have to give their approval. Currently the 56-acre area generates $1.3 million/year in taxes, the proposal for the land could increase that up to $30 million/year. Plans call for building 4,000 residential units around the river with shops and offices along Broadway Ave.

Andujar said redevelopment would make best use of the district's two most distinctive assets
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