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Why aren’t historical architectural styles re-used more often?

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I’m not an architect or design professional, so my views of architecture are amateur and uninformed.

Question: significant construction in cities was done from 1880-1914 re-using historical styles such as Neo-Renaissance for whole areas.  As those styles are still considered attractive, why aren’t they used more today?

Today we see whole neighborhoods built using boxy architecture, especially for apartments.  That style is not time-tested, and in a few years, those buildings may be viewed as outdated.  Surely that will affect the values of those buildings.

Why not just use a traditional style (Federal, Edwardian, Neo-Renaissance, etc.) instead of body styles today, and ensure that a building will continue to be considered attractive?  Surely historical ornamentation and exteriors of buildings could be mass-produced, with costs the same no matter what style is used.

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