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Leeds, England


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You might of heard of Leeds in England, if you havent heres a little tour for you.

And dont worry, this is a one of, i wont be clogging up this forum with rubbish about England that you dont want to hear.

Images removed at the request of the copyright holder(s).

Theres more but, you know, its dragging on abit. Sorry its long and some of the pics are funny sizes. There were some good ones of christmas too but they wouldnt show up for some reason :(

Most pics curtousy of www.leeds-uk.com and www.cityofleeds.com.

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Leeds seems to have one of the most interesting town halls in the world. Is that the actual seat of local government?

It was until 1993, but they decided to move into a more modern building just down the road. It is now used mainly for leisure. Dances, plays, conferences ect.

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I have heard of Leeds, but know little about it. From the pictures, it has a nice look and density. Some of the new projects look modern and appealing. Big enough to be bold, but not so huge that they are out of scale and overwhelming. European cities don't seem to have much sprawl and I like that. No huge freeways scarring the city scape.

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Wow, what great pics and a wonderful looking city. I actually have a distant friend who lives in Leeds, but I have never seen photos of the city. He has said there is tremendous growth there. Is there any particular reason for the growth?

Well, no really.

Its just been a steady growth over the years, and since the year 2000 its just exploded. I guess its because of all the law firms and commercial business' coming to town and demanding more up-to-date mid-rise buildings, therefore increasing the demand for housing as loads of new jobs are becoming available. Plus with the rich companies coming up to Leeds (mainly from London) bringing their wealthy employees with them which is increasing the demand for stylish city centre apartments. Its also becoming a major attraction through Europe as many see it as a very pretty city with great night life, the tourist industry is increasing quite fast!

So i suppose you can say that is the reason, but its just like any other cities growth to be honest, ours just seems to be happening all at once.

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Very nice photos of a city I know nothing about !

Needless to say, the "real" Leeds looks infinitely better than the town

of Leeds, Alabama.

I've never had the pleasure of visiting Europe, but my cousin spent a week in England earlier this year and loved it.

A family from England used to live across the street from me & it was like we needed an "England English - to - Alabama English" dictionary sometimes :)

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