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Pittsburgh Mayors Project


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Just thought this would be cool since we are changing administrations in Pittsburgh soon:

Pittsburgh mayors have a very interesting history here's a start at the stats:

Military Commanders:

10 (1 Revolution, 4 Civil, 3 Mexican, 1 Western Indian Wars, 1 WWII)

2 Purple Heart winners!

1 Peace Corps

Country of Birth

Ireland 1

Scotland 2

England 1

Place of Burial:

First Presbeterian 1

Carrick Presbyterian Cemetary 1

Allegheny Cem. 16

Tarentum Cem. 1

Homewood Cem. 5

Uniondale Cem. 2

Calvary Cem. 3

St. Marys Cem. 1

Southside Cem. 1

Elmwood (Shepardstown, WV) 1

Career outside Politics:

Medical Doctor 2

Fire Chief 3

Police Chief 2

Coroner 2

Newspaper men 2

Judges 2

California 49er 1

Customs Chief 2

Postmaster 1

Brewer 1 (he annexed "Temperanceville" while in office!?)

Teacher 1

Ambassadors 2 (Denmark, Japan)

First College educated Mayor elected 1828 (and had a Masters!)

Arrested in Office 2

At least 2 were Free Masons

Reason for Death:

Heart Failure 1

Cholera 1

Strangulated Hernia 1 (Jonas McClintock)

Dismembered by Train 1 (Joe Barker)

Inflammatory Rheumatism 1

Pneumomnia 3

Dropsy 1

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