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Shades Urban Hospitality - 24 Stories, 277', 237 Hotel Rooms, 2,250 sq ft. Restaurant Space, 148 Parking Spaces. 701 8th Ave S.


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  • downtownresident changed the title to Shades Urban Hospitality - 24 Stories, 277', 237 Hotel Rooms, 2,250 sq ft. Restaurant Space, 148 Parking Spaces. 701 8th Ave S.

1 hour ago, titanhog said:

We all want a building with a crown…but that little nubby thing placed on top of that box has me kinda laughing.  I think it may look better without the “nub.”  Do love the LED lighting at top.

That's exactly what I thought.  It looks like something that should be removed by a dermatologist!

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20 minutes ago, Baronakim said:

Sorry Smeag, I completely disagree with you on this one.  The first renderings are not amateurish at all in my professional opinion and the level of detail far exceeds the data capacities of most home computers, though Autocad  programs  can be done on home based systems.   The designer certainly has architectural training and the floor plans are certainly slanted to a preliminary concept presentation.  As to the cartoonish ones you see in the following posts, I would say that not all renderings have to be photo-realistic to be produced by a legitimate architectural firm or a single architect for that matter.  Sometimes you want to a punch a presentation geared to less sophisticated audiences with simplified floor plans.  For it to have such extensive work and gone as far as it has to be going before Metro seems to me a serious proposal even if the identity of the architect and developer is concealed.  The fact that there is a known civil engineering firm adds a great deal of legitimacy to this one IMO.  Have you considered that this may have been produced by an inhouse architecture division of a hotel corporation?  As to the added 10 stories, is that not similar to what the ones across the street with the Vorhees proposals.  This indeed may not be the conventional route for similar scaled proposals, but I wouldn't be quick to write it off as a joke either.  As to the stubby crown feature, not all architects are really good ones for sure.  CandyAisles what do you think?


Point taken. As far as the height goes I agree. Metro already opened the can of worms granting exceptions to the rules. They will have to justify their reasoning to turn it down for one and not the other. Again the silly height regulations in Metro continue to baffle us all. 

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Click on App and you will see parking listed with keys.


Application Submittal 8/5/2021
MPC Agenda Date 9/23/2021
Administrative Approval  
Case # 2021DTC-020-001
Ordinance #  
Previous Ordinance #'s  
Associated Case #  
Associated Bond #  
Application Type Downtown Code (Modify)
Application Scope A request for a major modification on property located at 701 8th Ave S, at the corner of 8th Ave S and Old Division Street, zoned DTC (0.32 acres), to increase the amount of frontage that additional height at intersections is applicable to in order to permit a 23-story hotel building, requested by Kimley-Horn, applicant; The Marie & Edwin Kirkland Living Trust, owner.
Scanned Application View Scanned Application
Scanned Plans View Scanned Plan
Property Address / Location 701 8TH AVE S 37203
Applicant Kimley-Horn Brendan Boles 615-564-2720 [email protected]
Property Owner  
Councilmember 19 (Freddie O'Connell)
School Board Member 05 (Christiane Buggs)
 Community Plans
 Dept. / Agency Review
 Plat Recording



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The crown looks like something out of a 1930's movie about what future cities in the late 20th Century would look like-I dare some enterprising developer to build something like it!

Best place to put it? Broadway/West End split and incorporate the Nashville Sign.

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