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Nashville at the end of this decade

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Curious as to what people predict Nashville and its surrounding area will look like at the end of this decade. It definetely seems to be one of the most changed, if not THE most changed, metro area from 2010-2020.

Stuff such as Nashville Yards/Amazon, Fifth and Broadway/AB, River North, Circle South, Airport Expansion etc... seem to either be underway or have good financing behind them, and if these were the only things to be built from now until 2030 I would be excited, although knowing Nashville I highly doubt that will be the case.

I feel that Nashville needs to seriously, and I mean SERIOUSLY, focus its' attention into improving mass transit options and its' infrastructure. The rate things are growing both in terms of population wise, economy wise and tourism wise, if this is not seriously focused on I see this city going bust within the next decade honestly. I have heard in person people discuss wanting to move to Nashville due to having a very positive impression of it, however, the lack of a truly international airport and mass transit have made them hesitate. I would not be surprised if certain companies have this view as well. I also hope the current mayor is voted out of office, and Metro codes can finally allow tall skyscrapers to be built in downtown.

Let me know what you guys' predictions and hopes for the city in the coming decade are!

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IMO....Yes indeed, Nashville badly needs mass transit but new transit initiatives will now move even slower than in recent years because of the financial crisis and the sad state of Metro’s finances. A major property tax increase is definitely in order and it is needed ASAP.   I see all of the many major developments that are currently under construction being completed but much of the new office space will be slow to lease however Amazon is likely ramp up it’s presence here.  Tourism and conventions will recover slowly and aren’t likely to return to last year’s levels until 2021-2022. The airport is already as truly international as it needs to be. The British Airways nonstop to London won’t likely return until spring 2021 and a new flight to Paris or Amsterdam will not happen in this economic environment. Nashville is fortunate to have a highly diversified economy. As in past recessions, Nashville and Middle Tennessee will feel the economic pain but should weather the storm better than most cities and regions. 

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