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On 11/24/2018 at 6:20 PM, smeagolsfree said:

If the retail we get is the retail listed with The Staple Center, then keep it. The bowling alley and theater is fine, but the rest of the retail is rather bland and useless. Give us something exciting. Im sorry the restaurant list IMO is so blasted sad. We have so many sorry restaurants in Nashville that cost so much I just refuse to spend any money in them any more.

What ever happened to the concept of Keep it simple stupid...When traveling I have my bexst experiances in the cheaper places to eat that  

Katsuya, Fleming's and a Wolfgang Puck restaurant would be spectacular in Downtown Nashville. Not bland or useless. 

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Was just in downtown Savannah this past week and they have a lot of retail along Broughton St their traditional shopping center.  Ben Carter of Atlanta bought up a lot of the properties then renovated and leased them to national tenants.  Now they have a thriving retail street that rivals King St in Charleston.  Savannah like Nashville has a booming tourism business.   Many of these stores would work in downtown Nashville (or Charlotte) for that matter.  Savannah is also going through a hotel boom like Nashville albeit on a smaller scale.  In downtown Savannah there are no real anchor stores the largest store would be the H&M but it opened next to the McDonalds just recently after most of the other stores had opened.  Stores include these you might recognize J Crew, Michael Kors, Gap, Banana Republic, Bluemercury, Urban Outfitters, Vineyard and Vines, Tommy Bahama, World of Beer, MAC, Loft, Club Monaco, H&M  and of course some local favorites like Savannah Bee Co,  24e, Levy Jewelers, The Paris Market etc.   So the  street is real blend of national chains and local specialty shops,  Only one hotel on the 5 block stretch and a few restaurants but they do not dominate the streetscape.  Nashville with its bigger workday population and more tourists I am sure could make this work.  (and yes they have a downtown McDonalds with a walk up window great for a cold drink when it is hot this I know) 












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