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Durham East Main Street


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Hey, not sure if there's a thread for this but there's a lot of activity happening on East Main Street in Durham.  Combined with all the activity going on east of DBAP this area will be radically different in the next few years. 

  • Golden Belt is already changing pretty dramatically with Hi Wire, WillowTree and Strata Solar moving in. The new owners have hinted at redeveloping the parking lots with parking decks and affordable housing.
  • The two parking lots at 300 and 500 E Main are getting redeveloped by the county into mixed-use, mixed-income buildings.
  • The owner of Nana's Restaurant (Scott Howell) is planning to "transform" a warehouse near Ponysaurus into an outdoor music venue.
  • The police HQ is getting built as we speak.
  • Further along there are plans to redevelop the Oldham Towers and Liberty Street public housing complexes (about 14 acres of contiguous land between Dillard and Elizabeth) into more mixed-use, mixed-income housing.  
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