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The Abbot & Graduate Hotel


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The city of East Lansing has been trying to redevelop this prominent corner since 2002, with the major problem being that an unscrupulous developer had control over the site until last year.  Having moved him out of the way, it seems that the northwest corner of Grand River and Abbot will finally be developed.  The city council approved the site plan and special land use permit for this one earlier this week.

What the project will include:

  • Building A (100 West Grand River): A 13-story, 218-unit residential highrise.  It will stand 150'-0" and have nearly 14,000 square feet of retail on its ground floor, 89 parking spaces on floors 2 & 3 (+184 bicyle parking spots), and then apartments on floors 4 through 13.  It will also feature a roof-top deck.
  • Building D (120 West Grand River): A 10-story, 194-room hotel highrise.  It will stand 129'-6" and will have 3,290 square feet of retail on its ground floor, and 6,480 square feet of meeting space.  It will also include a restaurant, ballroom and fitness center.
  • Building C (342 Evergreen): A 5-story, 72-unit apartment building.  It will stand 62'-0" and have 26 parking spots on its ground floor (+45 bicycle parking spaces).




They want to begin on this by January.  By then, this means you'll have five high-rises under construction along Grand River Avenue all at once with you include Newman Lofts, Landmark on Grand River, and The Hub.

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Timeline has been moved up a month.  It looks like Park District is going to start early December.  The City of East Lansing has sent a notice to Christman Company, general contractors for the neighboring Center City developer, to vacate a parcel of land the city owns which they've been using for construction staging.

That's going to be two more tower cranes on the skyline.

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