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North Carolina in the top 3 shortlist for Toyota-Mazda automobile plant


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North Carolina appears to be one of the top 3 finalist for a joint Toyota-Mazda automobile plant and the megasite just south of Greensboro appears to be the frontrunner site in the state. Unusual helicopters have been spotted circling the site and buses going into the site have been spotted as well. The plant will employ 4, 000 workers and would likely attract suppliers meaning even more jobs. 

Greensboro area makes sense. Great rail access to the site, Greensboro has the best highway system in both Carolinas, close to a large workforce and can draw from both the Triangle and Charlotte area. And the site would have close access to the FedEx hub at Piedmont Triad Intl Airport. In addition the site is close to Randolph Airport which would be used by executives coming in on private jets. 


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11 hours ago, Merthecat said:

Fabulous news!  I really hope they pick the Greensboro area site (although I read somewhere that neighbors are opposed . . . as usual).  Is there any target date for an announcement?

Early 2018 is what Toyota said. The Triad is a manufacturing region so it makes sense. Add to the fact that HondaJet is in Greensboro and Thomas Built Buses is in High Point, it kind of creates a cluster in the area. 

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It would be a huge win for the state. One thing that separates the Greensboro megasite from the rest in the state us that it is much closer to a population center and interstate highways. However North Carolina needs a competitve incentives package to help make this a done deal. 

There has been increased activity on the site over the past few months. The reporter is interviewing a few NIMBYs in the news link. 



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It appears that North Carolina and in particular the Greensboro Randolph megasite may be the frontrunner for the Toyota/Mazda electric car plant as more and more states are eliminated.  In addition to the national attention of the Greensboro area winning this facility, it would bring 4,000 high paying jobs and thousands more indirectly. The plant is expected to be open by 2021.

"North Carolina officials touted the Randolph site for an array of major industrial plants, including Airbus, Mercedes and Volvo projects, but were never able to land a factory.
“That site has been the bridesmaid for several trophy projects,” Boyd said, adding that Toyota-Mazda probably leaned toward North Carolina in part because they have no operations in the state. Locating a plant there would help cement relations with the state’s congressional delegation."


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According to Bloomberg, Toyota has narrowed the states down to two and that's North Carolina and Alabama.

If the Greensboro megasite is selected, maybe Toyota/Mazda research operations can be set up at Gateway University Research Park and collaborate with NC A&T, a major engineering university, and UNCG.



First Honda Jets at Honda Aircraft world headquarters in Greensboro. (average salary north of $30 an hour)


Will Toyota/Mazda automobile manufacturing be next for the Greensboro area? 


High Point has Thomas Built Buses


High paying Advanced/high-tech manufacturing will replace the old textile manufacturing jobs the area had been known for for decades. 4,000 jobs would be a huge victory for the Greensboro area and the Triad which would include thousands more jobs from suppliers moving to the area. 

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Its been reported that 3 of the 4 mega sites in North Carolina are no longer in the running for the Toyota-Mazda plant which only leaves the Greensboro-Randolph mega site


"The other three mega-sites are near Siler City and Moncure in Chatham County and east of Rocky Mount in Edgecombe County. Jim Crawford, chairman of the Chatham County Commission, on Tuesday night said that the sites near Siler City and Moncure are no longer in the running for the plant, but they have submitted a bid for the new Amazon headquarters."

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And then there was one. Rocky Mount area site is out which leaves the Greensboro-Randolph megasite the lone site left. Its also been the only site that has seen a lot of activity over the past month with black helicopters hovering over the site and buses going into the site with tents for meetings. 

Report: Chatham County, Rocky Mount megasites to miss out on Toyota/Mazda plant | Local Business | greensboro.com

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I truly believe the Greensboro megasite is the best site in NC for this plant.  Its access to the fantastic highway system of Greensboro close enough to a city but convenient enough to draw labor from 50+ miles around.  FedEx hub, other major Japanese owned factories, ample housing options etc.   I have said it before Greensboro has got to be the least congested city in the country or at least the southeast.  And that is important since parts will be arriving from all over the south east where part manufacturers are located.

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NC versus Alabama some interesting facts. NC's larger congressional delegation maybe tipping factor as is much lower unionization rate than Alabama.  http://www.autonews.com/article/20171121/OEM01/171129918/toyota-mazda-plant-north-carolina-alabama?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_content=charlotte

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Quote from the article link you posted:


"All four sites in North Carolina were pitched to the automakers, and residents close to the Greensboro-Randolph site, in particular, have witnessed increased levels of activity, the Triad Business Journal reported.

"It's a very attractive site," said Boyd. "It's currently expanding which is an indicator of interest among a major trophy employer, and there's been reports of helicopters flying over the site and recently, a chartered Mercedes van full of executives was seen touring the site -- these are indicators of late stage field visits by senior company executives."


Also it looks like the state is now backing the Greensboro-Randolph mega site and will pursue the incentives Toyota/Mazda is looking for. 


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