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Fun Fourth Festival in downtown Greensboro


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The Fun Fourth Festival in Greensboro is dubbed as the largest fourth of July festival in the state. The festival literally stretched a mile down Elm Street and included Center-City Park, LeBauer Park and the ballpark. They had trolley buses to transport people from one end of downtown to the other. In the past the festival was confined to two or three blocks. increasing it to a mile allowed more stages, carnival rides and more vendors to participate. The only thing I hate is that ever since DGI took over the festival they have omitted having the Fourth of July Parade. This is my biggest complaint. They need to bring the parade back. The festival really kicked off with a block party the evening before and the Freedom Run 5K Race, Freedom Run 10K Race and Firecracker Road Race. For the first time the official fourth fire works display was held at First National Bank Field. The fireworks did not go as high as they have always gone in the past but I assume that was for safety reasons being that having the display at the ballpark with so many people around was a pretty tight fit. In fact they had to halt the fire works and move it back a little because winds were picking up. The fireworks did go a little higher than the typical firework shows after ballgames on Fridays. There was another big firework show at Wet N' Wild Emerald Pointe. Here are some photo I took.


















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