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Water features in downtown Raleigh and Durham

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Hmm . . . you could try a visit to Pullen Park, which is very scenic, close to downtown Raleigh, and has a pond.

Other than that, I'm not sure of many water features in the city.  I'm not as familiar with Durham, and so I don't know of anything specific to recommend there.

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I guess that depends....do you mean manmade or curated or any water thing at all? I personally like the Lassiter Mill site just south of North hills. It connects to the greenway system (heading west is tricky but east is an easy flat trail) if you want to walk along the slow moving Crabtree Creek. American Tobacco is indeed nice as well. There is also a tiny memorial feature on Hargett St in front of City Hall in Raleigh. The Duke Energy Center has a reflecting pool directly in front of the portico. William Peace University has about a 6 foot tall fountain in front of the main building...cool because it used to be in the side yard of the Heck Andrews house which is still standing on Blount St, and probably the most magnificent house of its era in the City (1870). Also a walk across the Falls Lake dam is not terrible. Its just an earthern dam, but spans the old Neuse River rapids (hence the name Falls of Neuse Road) and you can sort of get that feel immediately below the outlet. Also there is an antebellum stone mill that now houses condos there and I think you can explore the river bank near the mill if interested. 

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On 3/14/2017 at 8:16 AM, InitialD said:

Two very small fountains on the east side of the capital building plus the ones mentioned. Probably the biggest artificial waterfalls in the area are inside the Natural Science museum (the old wing) and in the Bass Pro Shops in Cary. :tw_blush:

South side yo

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