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I of someone looking for a visionary rendering of a transit oriented development.

They are willing to pay, but not sure how much.

I am unsure of the capability on the board, but they sort of would like to have someone that has a passion for Nashville.

Anyone that is interested, just post on here and I will get contact info to you.

This thread will be pinned for a very limited time.

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22 minutes ago, nashvylle said:

I am not qualified, but interested in the final product. Will the final renderings be posted here?

I am not sure at this time.

14 minutes ago, gaushell said:

we are qualified  www.2dimes.com  

examples in this gallery. we've done quite a bit of work in Nashville. We are based in Memphis. 



I forwarded your contact info to the source. That may be an easy way to get  going.



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