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Convention Business in Little Rock


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Recently the head of LR's convention bureau has talked about the need for increasing the size of the convention center due to business. She also has said that a new   full service hotel is needed near the center because the hotels that have been built in the River Market area are not large enough. It would be interesting to see how they plan to increase the center's size at the current location although hotel sties are available.

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I was wondering when talk of another full service hotel was going to begin. I've heard and read about the high occupancy rates of the downtown hotels and building the 100 - 150 room hotels only seems like a bandaid. The problem is can a 300 - 400 room full service hotel get financing in downtown Little Rock. I can't see how they can expand the convention center without going north into Riverfront Park. It's good to know that convention business going well enough that they are thinking about expansion.

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