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Spartan Stores history

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I'm looking for history and former locations of all the Spartan brands that have been in GR over the years.


A 2007 thread ( http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php/topic/43774-dw-locations/ ) had some listings of former D&W locations, but I haven't been able to follow up on a few of them yet so I don't know exactly where some of them were. Any help would be appreciated!


Also, I'm trying to find information on when and where Family Fare was founded, and by whom, but I'm completely empty handed. SpartanNash's website has  no historical info at all.

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Spartan Stores was originally a buying co-op of individually owned stores. They featured Spartan brand goods in addition to the brand name mechandise. The co-op initially bought D&W. Over the years they added Glen's, Family Fare etc. Family Fare was started by the Koop family in Hudsonville. Daanes and Sy's were bought by Spartan and rebranded Family Fare.


Spartan built a new warehouse on 44th east of Eastern in the late 50's. It could hold 24 box cars inside on 2 tracks. It was sold to Steelcase when Spartan moved to 76th & Clyde Park. As a side note,the Meijer warehouse on Walker Ave could hold 14 boxcars. They added the small warehouse (now the 3rd offie building) and it could hold 5 box cars.

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