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Town Center West (Rocky Hill) U/C

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Construction has oficially started


sidewalks going in all over this area and trees are cleared.  looks like a war zone actually


26.5 Acres being used to build 144 high end apartments across the street from the Altria apartments, and also like 60K sf retail plus a resturant pad site.  its calls itself mized use but its pretty standard suburban sprawl crap.   Housing is NOT above the retail even if it does kind of try and look like a retail street.


everything I read about it comes down to traffic, and re-paving oparking and stuff like that so the priorities here are clearly not density and walkablility.


It must have however included improvements to the sidewalks though because they are doing tons of new sidewalks all over the area right now


also the project HAD a hotel, but it was dropped for the apartments.  due totraffic concerns





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