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Hey everyone, I'll be in KC this weekend on business visiting KC but I have all Fri night,  Sat afternoon, and night and Sunday morning to scout the place.  Any recommendations?


The Plaza is a definite in terms of an interesting district to visit.  It's full of higher-end retail, bars, and restaurants, but it's also a model for urbanist development. It was built in the 20's with architecture modeled after buildings in Seville.  Further north is Westport and the Crossroads district, both artsy and funky neighborhoods.  The downtown area, north of that, is also worth a visit.  The Power and Light district is an entertainment district similar to the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego.  And of course, there's BBQ.   My favorite was Jack Stack's...There's a couple of them around town, including one in the Plaza.  Can't really recommend much more because I had about as much time as you to explore, but I think you can fill your time quite easily.  If you're a gambler, there are several "riverboat" casinos further out, but if you're like me you'll want to stay in town and explore the old streetcar neighborhoods.

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I'm currently staying across from the convention center so I'll be looking to scope out downtown tomorrow.  Thanks for the pointers.  I noticed you had a Saucer.  I lived in Raleigh for a few years and I've been missing it.  I may pop in for a pint!

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