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121 Rhett Street


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Construction of a new residential building on Rhett Street will consist of four stories of apartments. There will be two levels of parking below the apartments with ground level commercial space. The building is designed in an industrial style with large windows, brick, fiber cement panels, stucco and other accent materials. The complex will have a pool, exercise facility, rooftop terrace, and clubroom. This apartment complex by The Croft Company will mainly have one– and two– bedroom options, with a few three-bedrooms.







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I am excited about this one. It takes a bunch of old dilapidated 1 story buildings and adds some nice density/height right behind main street. The whole w. comperdown/rhett/river st. area has a lot going on/planned.


It would be cool to see some more of the empty lots on Rhett (directly backing Main) to be filled up with this height buildings too.

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I'll be interested to see what this Italianate design looks like. Could be cheesy or really nice. However I'd prefer more of an industrial look for this location. We shall see what they've got proposed.

I'm hearing this one looks really nice while the one on Broad Street is more standard fare like 400 Rhett or Stadium Apartments.

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Italiante architecture can be very attractive. The old Furman University campus buildings were examples of excellent Italiante design.

It all depends on the designer's knowledge of the style and the developer's budget as to how authentic and/or appropriate the design is.

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The architect's name that appears on that rendering is Keith Summerour who designed the new phase of the Old Edwards Inn and several buildings at Wofford. His portfolio is pretty impressive: www.summerour.net  . I would  assume he can execute the Italianate design elements and deliver a great looking building. I'm excited about this project.

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